In the world of marketing, documentation is what puts you in front of prospective customers and investors alike. While most of the marketing could be speculative and asynchronous, documentation is what remained predictable and reliable.

Why there should be Proper Documentation?

If you want to further improve communication with regards to what benefits and features your products and/or service has to offer, then it only makes sense to incorporate documentation to your marketing efforts.

What’s unfortunate is that, most marketers do disregard or unintentionally forget this step. This is despite of the minimal work required.

On the other hand, you may be wondering how your documentation should read or look like? Shall it be similar to a marketing copy? Well, definitely not! Your documentation has to be credible and free from jargons as well as salesmanship in which both prospects and customers expect from marketing campaigns.

What you have to ensure though is that your documentation is easy to understand and at the same time, demonstrate how your company grasp the market and its target audience too.

Documentation and SEO

When working on documentation for your Search Engine Optimization, it has to the following criteria:

  1. Expertly structured
  2. Keyword rich and;
  3. Densely linked

Above everything else, it does not have red flags to which other contents may have.