The lack of funding is one of the biggest hurdles that a business faces. This is more common especially on small to medium enterprises. Well unless of course your business is backed by an angel investor. Most likely, you will have limited budget for marketing. But what most don’t know is that, they can still perform marketing effectively even with limited budget.

Going Social

Social media giants similar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes can be used to your advantage. Each of the social media channels mentioned is unique and follows different level of engagement.

Instead of mastering everything at once though, it is preferable if you would pick one and master it before moving to another platform.

Content Creation

This is yet another way that can be used to market your business on a limited budget. Not just that potential clients love seeing informative and valuable content, but it’s same with Google. There are numerous ways on how information can be shared such as:

  • Podcasts
  • Video creation
  • Blogging
  • Article submission to various authority sites or
  • Designing infographics

Not just that this will help you in establishing your authority being an expert in that field, it will generate traffic back to your page too. Of course, the higher the traffic, the better the engagement and the greater the odds of generating sales.