The term cash flow problems normally refers to the money that’s not available for use when the business needs it. Such problems could range from not making payrolls on time all the way to bigger problems of the business like pulling out funding to take advantage of the chance for growth. Typically, cash flow can be fixed by using combination of non-financing and financing solutions.

Say for example that you have immediate problems on cash flow, then the fastest way of dealing with it is to seek short-term financing.

This is a shortcut to get funding directly to your bank account, especially if you do not have plans of applying large revenue payments for the following days or weeks.

Short-Term Business Loans

It is relatively basic to be approved for short term loans and it could be funded within the same day of application. These types of loans on the other hand have higher interest rate but the overall capital cost could be more manageable compared to long-term loans that have lower interest rate.

Line of Credit for Small Business

This on the other hand can be a smarter alternative than applying for a short-term loan in case you don’t need access to big amount of money immediately but might need buffer funds for foreseeable future.